Vocabulary and Beyond

10,000 تومان


This book is not simply another collection of essential words! It differs from other vocabulary books available on the market substantially in scope and treatment. What might make this collection of special interest to MA and phD candidates is not only because of the less frequent but essential vocabulary items which it defines and exemplifies, but also because of the tasks designed to induce remembering those words later on. It goes, as the title implies, beyond vocabulary items and covers some other areas of language including essentially needed sentences and expressions but less encountered, collocations, and idioms to give the reader a chance to enjoy the variety and innovation in every single chapter. It will be valuable for those who are going to sit for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and SAT

Afsar rouhi is assistant professor of TOEFL at Payame Noor University

Afsaneh Saeedakhtar is phD student of TOEFL at the University of Tehran

 Author: Afsar Rouhi, Afsaneh Saeedakhtar

ISBN: 978-964-367-465-6


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