An Encyclopedic Dictionary of LANGUAGE TESTING 5TH edition

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An  Encyclopedic  Dictionary of  LANGUAGE  TESTING 5TH edition

Seyyed Abbas Mousavi hold a PhD degree in applied linguistics and language testing from the School of Languages and Linguistics, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia.


An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Language Testing (Fifth Edition)

This new edition, with updated references, provides comprehensive survey of language testing terms and the chief terminology of basic statics and research methodology. It is a unique and invaluable resource for teachers and Students of Language teaching and testing all over the world.

More than 1300 entries from the areas of Language testing and basic statistics

Up- to- date coverage of new terms in language testing

Self – contained and easy – to- understand definitions with emphasis resting on clarity and precision

Paragraph headings to help readers identify specific information

A wide variety of item types used to measure the four Language skills of Listening, speaking, reading, and writing as well as culture

Helpful examples, graphs and formulae

Attractive cartoons artistically drawn to facilitate understanding of confusable concepts

Generous coveraeg of new and traditional trends in Language testing

Easy – to – read format and clear design

An extensive up – to – date bibliography

A comprehensive list of website addresses for language testing related resources


This reference guide addresses the following users:

. Language teachers

. Teacher educators

. Second Language researchers

. Language teacher trainees

. Test developers and curriculum designers

. Professionals and post – graduate students in Language education and applied linguistics

. Students of Language testing and proficiency measurement

. Test administrators, proctors and test takers

. Measurement specialists

. Research methodologists

. Program evaluators

. Researchers in language and literacy

. Language program managers

. Language policy makers

. Applied researchers


Author: Seyyde Abbas Mousavi

ISBN: 9789643674922

جلد: گالینگور

قطع: وزیری

سال نشر:۲۰۱۱

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